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We moved from Ontario to Cape Breton a few weeks ago, but started looking for a home back in May/June.

Because the real estate market is so busy, we had a lot of difficulty finding an agent to help us meet our needs from such a distance, particularly because we needed to buy our house without actually seeing it in person first! After many failed attempts at reaching out to real estate agents, I emailed three offices, Remax, Royal Lepage and Keller Williams, to inquire if any of them had agents that would be willing to work with us in our circumstance, long distance. We heard back from only one person, Valerie Sampson at Remax. We were very grateful for her help. She was responsive and amazing!!! She showed us the property we bought but it was her listing so she connected us with Cathy to work with. WOW! Have we been impressed. Cathy worked very hard for us, answering questions by text, email, telephone, and virtually. She helped us write the offer that enabled us to purchase our dream home. She connected us with local business people to help us with the purchase such as an outstanding home inspector, local well water specialists, septic services, oil and propane services, and so much more!!!! She met us in the pouring rain on the date of closing and toured the home and property with us seeming totally indifferent about the weather!! We were soaked! We were in touch with Cathy almost daily for a couple of months. She has made us feel so welcome to Cape Breton! And continues to do so. She told us a lot about CB, helped us find local services for many things including our hair! We are just so appreciative of her help and hospitality there are no words to express our gratitude. So, thank you Cathy! We highly recommend Cathy to meet your real estate needs. Cathy is honest and genuine, a very hard worker, has lots of experience, and will definitely work hard to meet your needs. Sincerely, Sherry & Ian Woodhouse. 😊

Sherry Woodhouse

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